Thursday, August 02, 2007

Operation: Discipline

Okay so I didn't write last month like I said I would and I'm too lazy to recap what I was talking about in my last entry, mostly because I feel like peoples imaginations will come up with something way more fun than what actually happened.

With that said, at the end of this semester I am commencing with Operation: Discipline!

(And yes I am well aware that is probably the name of some S&M Army Fatigue fetish site but I don't care.)

Basically I love to write.

I never have time to write.

If I never make time to write, I will never have time to write.

So coming September 1st I vow, so help me Jebus, that I will write in this blog once a week.

This will force moi to become a more disciplined writer (see what the discipline comes in?)

That or I will be writing another one of these types of entries on October 1st.